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Our Curriculum
Free Play

Free Play is a very important part of our curriculum.  During free play each child gets to make choices and decisions about what he wants to do.

The children can choose between table activities such as art, puzzles, games and manipulatives or choose to play with toys such as blocks, trucks, puppets, dolls, dress up and our play house area.  One of the most important parts of free play is socialization.  The children learn to share, take turns, play cooperatively, use their words to get what they need, feel comfortable with other children and make friends. The value of play is important to us.

Learning Time
We use learning time as an opportunity to focus on academic skills with our students. We follow a kindergarten readiness skills checklist and base our curriculum on a monthly theme and a featured letter.    The emphasis is on readiness activities and learning through fun.  We want children to see themselves as intelligent and capable. 

Each child will pick up and learn what interests him and what he is ready to learn. 

Preschool children learn by doing.  By playing with games, manipulatives, and learning materials, the children grow and learn at their own pace.

Circle Time

Circle time consists of calendar, sharing, singing, sign language, games, dancing, or large motor skills activities. 

During circle time we focus on activities that are appropriate for a large group.  Everyone is included and encouraged to participate.

Our main goals are learning to listen to others, wait ones turn, and be respectful of others.